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MMO Radio goes "Harry Potter"
Join M.C. Shea G as he brings the "Saturday Night Powerjam"
live to Potterworld Minecraft!!!
Tune in at 8PM Eastern for more or visit
MMO Radio is coming BACK with a vengance. Here are some of the changes:
*-New Facelift (still work in progress)
*-Auto DJ Request Fixed (takes a minute to load all the songs, be patient)
*-Autoplay on Mediaplayer fixed.
Reminder of event Defiance - Damage Dealin' Thor's Day Shuffle w/ MC Race & co-pilot kibalynn on 2017-05-25 07:30:00 pm
Come, our Defiant Few! :geek: And Join MC Race and co-pilot kibalynn while you kill things and take their stuff! :evil: Chase Arkfalls, Complete Characte...
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